Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Year! Out with the old in with the...old.

Tis the New Year! I have resolved to post on this blog more...ha. What have you resolved to change/improve? Might I suggest a popular one with us- buy nothing new for a year. (within reason...ABC gum is gross). What a fun opportunity to step outside of the norm and try something not new... while saving the planet from a few zillion more Malm dressers and fad fashions.
Here are a few gems to entice you. Your wardrobe, your home, your pocketbook, and the planet will thank you.
Eero Saarinen Tulip Table by Knoll Associates. Beautiful walnut wood top white base- perfect condition. Late 60s early 70s. Would look amazing with the sofa below! Available at Up Six Vintage.

UMM! Are you kidding me!? This is the most amazing sofa we've ever seen! This late 60s sofa is THE crowning piece to your mod-pod. White molded fiberglass with orange cushion. Available at Succotash.

SO. MUCH. VINTAGE. The amazing this about vintage is it really is timeless...and guess what else it is way better made than the clothing that gets produced today...and guess what else, it is so fun to wear. Oodles and ooldes of vintage clothing for men & women- available at Lula.